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Problems with ZoneAlarm and IIS

I have seen people reporting that they are having problems with Zone Alarm and IIS. When you install ZoneAlarm it installs a Windows NT service on your computer.

I am running a Windows 2000 Professional computer and I just found my IIS wasn't responding, I tried opening PWS but it didn't show up. So I decided to restart FTP, WWW and IIS services. 

I get the following error :

1053 - Could not stop IIS Service on Local System
The service did not respond to the start or Control request in a timely fashion.

In this case the person uninstalled ZoneAlarm and the problem went away - but you may like to try my solution below which changes the dependencies of ZoneAlarm and IIS. This affects which loads first and in my testing corrected the problem.

The name of the service is TrueVector Internet Monitor.

This service appears to cause IIS to fail when you reboot your computer. You will see events in the Windows NT Event log like:

Through some testing I was able to fix the problem by making a change in the registry. For this procedure you need to use RegEdt32.exe and not regedit.exe

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\vsmon

What I found was if you edit the DependOnService to include W3SVC this cures the problem at startup with IIS and ZoneAlarm. Dbl-Click the DependOnService to open the Multi-String Editor dialog as shown below.

Add W3SVC to the bottom of the list of values and then exit RegEdt32

Reboot  the computer and the problem should be gone.

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